A Sewer Scope Inspection Can Save You A Crap Load Down The Road

We come across homes every day that have a number of problems. Everything from bad foundations, to damaged roofs, and much more. However, there is no potentially dirty(er) and nasty problems than a sewer line clog or back up. Sewer lines on older homes have seen their better days. Afterall, there is some pretty nasty stuff going through them on a regular basis.

The problem for someone who is going to buy a home is that the average homeowner does not have the equipment needed to see what condition the sewer lines are in. 

That’s why we have expert equipment to scope or view the lines with a camera. Sewer blockages can lead to the increase the risk of sewer pollutants contaminating drinking water, backing up of septic tanks, and other financially and environmentally costly problems. A sewer scope determines potential sewer problems before the crap gets out of control. Video Sewer Scoping assures the proper functioning of the sewer system in your home.

Sewer scoping the lines can reveal blockages, damage to sewer pipes, and other problems, which are vital for property owners to be aware of saving you big bucks down the road. If you’re interested in getting your sewer scoped on your current home or a home that you are looking to buy, don’t hesitate to give us a call! We’ll cut you a great deal so you can take care of your sewer line so you don’t have to take care of crap later.

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