Ask Your Real Estate Agent These Questions Before Hiring Them

Knowing the right questions to ask your real estate agent when buying your next home will be critical in assuring you get a find someone who is willing to work hard to get your home sold. A part of that process will be to find a home inspector that can guide you in this process. However, you’ll have to know the right questions to ask the agent in order to protect yourself. Here are a few thoughts on that:

Rudyard Kipling wrote the verse “I keep six serving men, they taught me all I knew; their names were what and why and when and how and where and who.”

With that in mind, ask these questions to any agent who you’re considering working with:

  • Who can you recommend for service providers like mortgage, inspections, repairs, and maintenance?
  • How long have you been selling homes and is this your full-time job?
  • What designations or other credentials do you have?
  • How many homes did you and your company sell last year?
  • Why do you want to work with me?
  • When will you report to me on the progress of my transaction?
  • How will you market my home to expose my home to the market?
  • What is your average market time compared to MLS and your top competitors?

Finding the right person to a realtor is just as important as finding the right home inspector. If you would like a recommended list of real estate agents in Oklahoma City that I use, let me know.

If you are looking for a home inspector for your whole house inspection, I’d be happy to assist you in that as well. While the Oklahoma City home inspector market gives you plenty to choose from, you can trust that we’ll provide you an honest and unbiased look at your biggest investment.

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